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This website is run by an individual in a voluntary capacity for carers/relatives/friends of younger people with dementia, aka working age dementia ("WAD", those aged under age 65), in the Nottinghamshire area. In Notts there are around 5,600 people diagnosed with dementia with an estimated further 6,000 undiagnosed. Around 260 of those diagnosed have WAD.*

My name is Nikola (age 41) and my husband (age 62) has FTD (Fronto Temporal Dementia) and has now moved into a nursing home. I have found information at times difficult to obtain over the last 8 years and hope this website may benefit others. I am no expert on services by any means, but am hopeful that through this website, we can at least have a forum in which to contact each other. I have attended carer groups and have made contacts through these, so may be able direct you somewhere for more info or help if required.

The links page is a good place to find extended information with hopefully some detailed expert input. However, one of your best sources of contact will be the Nottingham branch of the Alzheimers Society.

If you are interested in making contact with me or others locally - please contact me (see contact page). A quick email just to say hello even, would be nice.

*Figures quoted on Radio Nottingham early 2013 from some official stats.


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Nottingham Post 30 April 2013 there was a feature on Working Age Dementia which included our story

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BBC Radio Nottingham Tuesday 5 February 2013

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